ERG Spotlight: Get to Know the LA Y's Emerging Leaders
The Emerging Leaders Resource Group is officially off the ground, and quickly building momentum. Made up of 15 leaders from across the Association, the ELRG is a cohort of up-and-coming LA Y staff who are working collaboratively to learn and grown as Y professionals. Say hello to six of the ELRG’s premier team! To learn more about how the ELRG is making an impact at the LA Y, please contact Gary Ocampo.

Staff Membership Benefit

Working for the LA Y gives you access to many great benefits – the Credit Union of Southern California, Fun Express and wireless carrier discounts – just to name a few. One of our greatest benefits, though, is access to our Ys. Are you taking advantage? All regularly-scheduled active employees PLUS family members in the same household have access to Association facilities. In addition, employees also receive 20% off of the fee for participation in most program activities such as swim lessons, childcare, Y camp and sports. Connect with your Associate Executive Director or refer to our Employee Handbook for more details on eligibility.

Girls Empowerment Day
Ready, Set, Gold!, the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, Angel City FC, and Nike are bringing together 1,200 female middle school students for a day of play, empowerment, and leadership development on Tuesday, March 8th, from 9am-1pm at the Banc of California Stadium in Exposition Park. This interactive day will introduce hundreds of girls to female athlete mentors which include local Olympians, Paralympians and professional athletes. Get involved with Girls Empowerment Day by volunteering! Contact Mario Valenzuela for more information.
LA Y Leader Q&A with Carol Pfannkuche
If you haven’t worked alongside Carol Pfannkuche, it’s safe to say that you are missing out! With 16 years under her belt at the LA Y, Carol works diligently every day towards the things she’s most passionate about – nonprofit service work and creating a culture of generosity. Carol is currently a Senior Vice President, serving as Senior Executive Director for the Ketchum-Downtown, Santa Anita and Santa Clarita branches as well as serving as a line officer for the South Pasadena and Pasadena branches. Read on for an inspiring glimpse into Carol's perspective on leadership development at the Y!

What advice would you give up-and-coming staff?

“What might start as a first job after graduation can grow into a career in nonprofit work. The Y is the best nonprofit employer in the country, and the LA Y is the best place to begin. Wherever you start, you will have the opportunity to explore different kinds of work and can move to different places across the USA.   Take time to learn about the Y’s many mission-driven programs in communities throughout the Southland, and consider how you might put your personal passions to work.  And, invest in the Y’s savings plan – a few dollars from each paycheck will add up fast!”

How have you been able to achieve a work/life balance?

“Because I love my work at the Y, I’ve always involved my family in Y programs and activities.  The Y’s mission leads us to have opportunities for all ages.  My two daughters, now grown, considered themselves “Volunteers #1 and 2” for every event.  I prefer to live in the neighborhood where I work, so I can be connected to local community needs.”

From your perspective, what are 3 things that you look for when identifying new leaders?

“The YMCA, at our core, is about building supportive relationships, based on strong character and good values.  In service to that goal, new leaders should be brave, welcoming and generous to our members and each other.  In the lobby or behind the scenes, new leaders should have a passion for caring for one another; they should be brave and creative about contributing ideas about new ways to serve community needs.  Being generous of spirit, not just with money, creates a unique bond that makes relationships stronger; generosity also translates into honesty and integrity. Woven together, these characteristics create a strong fabric of impactful teamwork.”

ERG Spotlight: AARN - Black History Month Panel
The California YMCA Delegates of Color Caucus Presents the Black Youth Experience, a conversation about black history, current events, and culture. Join Dr. Keith Watts and Dr. Shawndaya Thrasher as they talk to teens and college students from around the country about where they are and where they want to go. Teens from California, Chicago, Houston, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Virginia all share their experiences and thoughts, and opinions. Date in March TBD.

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